Multiple Teams · MSL Honors Fall Athletes in Football and Cross Country

The Mid-State League recently honored fall sports athletes in cross country and football at the league’s banquet held at Whitehall-Yearling High School.



Peyton Madison, Jayse Miller, Jesse Connell and Seth Hoffman, Amanda-Clearcreek; Otto Kuhns, Damion Fugate, Trace Wisecarver and Luke Ferrell, Bloom-Carroll; Isac Payne and Michael Clark, Circleville; Isaac Daugherty and Nate Schmelzer, Fairfield Union; Dre Stevens, Deshan Peart and Malcolm Denny, Hamilton Township; Conner Robinson and Evan Valentine, Logan Elm; Lucas Breniser, Tristan McDanel, Gage Weiler and Riely Weiss, Teays Valley; Cameron Shirkey, Bloom-Carroll


Anthony Buckley, Quintin Lott, Lane Stevens and Brock Banker, Amanda-Clearcreek; Evan Willet, Hobie Scarberry, Josh Evans and Cody Harmon, Bloom-Carroll; Wyatt Thatcher and Colin Michael, Circleville; Chase Smith and Tyler Blake, Fairfield Union; Josiah Beverly, Brad Maynard and Ato Forson, Hamilton Township; Donte Dryden and Peyton Bennett, Logan Elm; Cooper Booth, Kade Kirkpatrick, Clayton Knox and Michael Struckman, Teays Valley

Honorable mention

Alex Fairchild, Cory McCall and Tim Smith, Amanda-Clearcreek; Eli Coppess, Brandon Totten and Caleb Swartz, Bloom-Carroll; Shawn Hesson, Andres Loving and Jesse Fuller, Circleville; Ethan Seesholtz, Blayde Patton and Tucker Thomas, Fairfield Union; Gage Blosser, Riley Gibbs and Brock McGuire, Hamilton Township; Ethan Smith, Matt Dyer and Colin Roar, Logan Elm; Zion Bowling, Eli Burgett and Camden Primmer, Teays Valley

Back of the Year: Otto Kuhns, Bloom-Carroll

Lineman of the Year: Lucas Breniser, Teays Valley

Ernie Godrey Award: Tristan McDanel, Teays Valley

George Murphy Award: Steve Daulton, Amanda-Clearcreek

Championship Coach: Steve Daulton, Amanda-Clearcreek; Wade Bartholomew, Bloom-Carroll; Mark Weber, Teays Valley

Girls cross country


Madison Eyman, Fairfield Union; Abigail Matthews, Bloom-Carroll; Morgan Ruff, Fairfield Union; Jasmine Roach, Liberty Union; Megan Bush, Teays Valley; Emma Lands, Logan Elm; Karoline Pees, Teays Valley; Mikella Meddock, Teays Valley; Jeralyn Strawn, Fairfield Union


Jaclyn Strawn, Fairfield Union; Alison Sponseller, Liberty Union; Jayden Roach, Liberty Union; Lily Winter, Circleville; Caroline Winter, Teays Valley; Elise Pickett, Teays Valley; Peyton Perini, Circleville; Lindsay Triplett, Teays Valley; Andrea Phillips, Fairfield Union

Honorable mention

Isabella LaSalle, Bloom-Carroll; Carly Sharb, Liberty Union; Morgan Tolbert, Bloom-Carroll; Evie Layton, Teays Valley; Taylor Rife, Fairfield Union; Faith Seals, Bloom-Carroll; Sierra Wentz, Bloom-Carroll; McKenzie Schmauch, Liberty Union; Tayla Tootle, Logan Elm

Player of the Year: Madison Eyman, Fairfield Union

Championship Coach: Rob Myers, Fairfield Union

Boys cross country


Drew Monahan, Bloom-Carroll; Colton Pinkerton, Circleville; Silas Stegall, Bloom-Carroll; Zach Hatfield, Teays Valley; Trent Smith, Fairfield Union; Nicholas Duerr, Bloom-Carroll; Trey Booth, Hamilton Township; Mark Euler, Fairfield Union; Kyle Dennis, Teays Valley


Trevor Hartman, Fairfield Union; Carson Weiss, Teays Valley; Zach Goldsmith, Teays Valley; Jerry O’Dell, Teays Valley; Jared Herrel, Teays Valley; Kaleb Nungester, Circleville; Jeffrey Dolan, Bloom-Carroll; Brock Evans, Logan Elm; Drew Tomlinson, Logan Elm

Honorable mention

Kyle Grefe, Bloom-Carroll; Andrew Hurst, Fairfield Union; Evan Myers, Fairfield Union; Trace Smith, Logan Elm; Trevor Spence, Amanda-Clearcreek; Ian Shaeffer, Logan Elm; Trey Miller, Liberty Union; Konnor Starkey, Logan Elm; Garrett Dearth, Amanda-Clearcreek

Player of the Year: Drew Monahan, Bloom-Carroll

Championship Coach: Luke Sanderell, Bloom-Carroll